Carefree Living

Carefree Living rates include 5 dining room meals per month, twice-monthly housekeeping and linen service, life enrichment activities, free transportation and valet parking. Rates start at $2850 monthly. Add-on options for additional meals, housekeeping and laundry services are available.


Assisted Living

Assisted Living rates include delicious restaurant style dining, regular housekeeping and laundry service, complimentary wellness checks as well as all life enrichment activities, free transportation and valet parking. Rates start at $3950 monthly.

For those in Assisted Living who require personal assistance and health care, we offer Level of Care packages for services such as medication management and bathing or dressing assistance.
Your Level of Care is based on a personalized assessment by our Wellness Director (Nurse) of your unique preferences and needs. The assessment may be performed in conjunction with your personal physician, if you wish. Each service is assigned a point value based on both time and level of expertise required, and the Level of Care is determined by the total number of points for desired services. Up to 49 points of care (Level 1) is provided free of charge. Level 2 starts at $500/month.

Other pricing considerations include deposit, community fee and fees for second occupants, pets or enhanced care.

Memory Care

The Homestead Memory Care at Holland Farms Senior Living pricing includes the room, care needs, meals and snacks, all life enrichment activities, housekeeping services, laundry and linen services, and free transportation. A companion room is $5450 per month and is all-inclusive. A private room is $6250 per month, all-inclusive.

Other Pricing Considerations include deposit, community fee and additional fees for enhanced care, if required.



Short-Term Rates

In Assisted Living, a short-term stay is often used between a medical procedure and transition back to home, while home improvements are being made, or as a trial stay before a permanent move. It includes three meals a day, housekeeping, laundry and linen services, life enrichment activities, free transportation and wellness checks.

An Assisted Living short-term stay is $175 per 24-hour period.

For Memory Care, some families choose a short-term daytime or respite option as a bridge between in-home care and a full-time residency decision. It’s a great way to find out how well a loved one will acclimate to Holland Farms. It’s also a helpful solution for family caregivers who need to work, travel or just take a break. Short term guests benefit from The Homestead’s comfortable atmosphere and personalized attention from staff members who are specially trained in dementia care. Space and availability may be limited. Meals, activities and care are all included in the short-term rates.

In Memory Care, a Short-Term Stay is $275 (per 24-hour period) and $150 (day only/8 hours).

For more information and details on rates, please contact a Senior Living Consultant.